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The Connection Between Thermostats and Indoor Air Quality

Using Thermostat To Improve Indoor Air Quality

When thinking about indoor air quality in Smyrna, GA, many people consider air purifiers, ventilation systems and regular duct cleaning. However, one crucial part that often gets overlooked is the thermostat. At Certified Air Care, Inc., we understand how important thermostats are in keeping your indoor air quality at a good level.

Thermostats and HVAC Efficiency

A thermostat does more than just control the temperature. It can also affect how well your HVAC system works and the quality of the air you breathe. Modern thermostats, especially smart models, help your HVAC system run smoothly. They maintain a steady temperature, use less energy, and reduce wear and tear.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, programmable and smart thermostats can significantly enhance energy efficiency by automatically adjusting temperatures based on your schedule, reducing overall energy consumption and improving indoor air quality.

Humidity Control and Air Quality

Thermostats also help control humidity levels, which is key to good indoor air quality. High humidity can lead to microbial growth, while low humidity can make it hard to breathe. Many new thermostats have built-in humidity sensors that adjust your HVAC system to keep the humidity just right. This keeps your home comfortable and the air healthy. Maintaining proper humidity levels helps prevent microbial growth and enhances respiratory comfort.

Continuous Air Circulation

Smart thermostats can be set to run your HVAC system at the best times for air circulation. For example, running the fan for a few minutes every hour helps keep the air fresh by continuously filtering out dust and other particles. This constant air movement stops the air from getting stale and keeps the air quality high all day long. The integration of smart thermostats with HVAC systems can optimize both comfort and energy use, enhancing overall indoor air quality.

Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality

At Certified Air Care, Inc., we suggest using a smart thermostat with your HVAC system for better control of your indoor environment. Our expert technicians can help you choose and install the right thermostat for your needs. Contact Certified Air Care, Inc. today to learn more about how we can improve your indoor air quality with advanced thermostat solutions.

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